2nd Autumn Leaves Week: Schlippenbach / Roder / Marcelli

So 1.12. – 21:00 – Eintritt: frei
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2nd Autumn Leaves Week
Alexander von Schlippenbach (p), Jan Roder (b), Andrea Marcelli (dr)
Avant-gard Jazz

An exceptional evening with one of Europe’s premier free jazz pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach’s music mixes free and contemporary classical elements, possible also some creative interpretation of Thelonius Monk’s music. Schlippenbach will play in trio with strong bassist Jan Roder and creative drummer Andrea Marcelli.

ALEX VON SCHLIPPENBACH – Born 7 April 1938, Berlin; Piano, composer.
One of Europe’s premier free jazz bandleaders, pianist Alexander von Schlippenbach’s music mixes free and contemporary classical elements, with his slashing solos often the link between the two in his compositions. Schlippenbach formed The Globe Unity Orchestra in 1966 to perform the piece“Globe Unity, which had been commissioned by the Berliner Jazztage.
He remained involved with the orchestra into the ’80s. He played with Gunther Hampel in 1963, and was in Manfred Schoof’s quintet from 1964 to 1967.
Schlippenbach began heading various bands after 1967, among them 1970 trio with Evan Parker and Paul Lovens and a duo with Sven-Ake Johansson which they co-formed in 1976. In the late ’80s, he formed the Berlin Contemporary Jazz Orchestra,which has featured a number ofesteemed European avant-garde jazz musicians including Evan Parker, Paul Lovens, KennyWheeler, Misha Mengelberg and Aki Takase. During the 90`s Duo work with Tony Oxley, Sam Rivers and Aki Takase. 1999 started performance and radiorecording of Thelonius Monks complete works, (all the compositions) with Rudi Mahall and his group „Die Enttäuschung“.
In the year 2016 at „Jazzfest Berlin“ 50th anniversary of Globe Unity. Awards: „Kunstpreis der Stadt Berlin „(1976),
“ Schallplattenpreise der UDJ“(1980/1981), „Albert Mangelsdorff Preis“ (1994)
The German Record Critics Award : „Monks Casino“ 2005/3
The „SWR-Jazz Award“2007 )
JAN RODER – bassist, lebte längere Zeiten in Brasilien. 1995 kam er nach Berlin, wo er mit Musikern wie Ulrich Gumpert, Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky, Manfred Schoof, Uschi Brüning, Joachim Kühn, Aki Takase,
Gunter Hampel, und Axel Dörner Tourneen und Konzerte spielte.
Als Nachfolger von Joachim Dette bildet er mit Axel Dörner, Rudi Mahall und Uli Jenneßen die Band Die Enttäuschung, die neben eigenen
Stücken gemeinsam mit Alexander von Schlippenbach das Gesamtwerk von Thelonious Monk im Repertoire hat.
ANDREA MARCELLI Drummer/Composer/Clarinet-player born in Rome and resides in Berlin since 2001 where he is very active in the Berlin jazz scene.
He lived in Los Angeles from ’89 to ’97 and then in New York until 2001
and was very active in the US Jazz scene.
He has successfully performed extensively on 5 continents, has two releases as a leader on Verve/PolyGram and played with musicians such as Wayne Shorter, David Liebman, Allan Holdsworth, Markus Stockhausen,
Simon Stockhausen, Eberhard Weber, Ekkehard Wölk several ensembles,
Marc Johnson, Palle Danielsson, Sirone, Arild Andersen, Ralph Towner,
Eddie Gomez, Bob Mintzer, Don Menza and many others.
About 200 of his compositions have been recorded and two of them are
included in „The European Real Book“ and „The Digital Real Book part two“.

– Wayne Shorter wrote: „Andrea Marcelli’s music is vibrant and
thought-provoking as today’s events. Andrea is such a chameleon.
When I first heard his music, it struck me that he played drums,
clarinet, percussion, keyboards and composed in a variety of styles
that defied classification, moreover, his display of sensitivity and
creative approach to the work produced.“