8. EUNIC / My Unique Jazz Festival : Sketches of Spain / Jose Carra Trío

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8. Eunic Jazz Festival

Sketches of Spain / Jose Carra Trío

Jose Carra (p), Bori Albero (b), Dani Domínguez (dr & electronics)

Contemporary Jazz from Spain

Instituto Cervantes Berlin

Composer and pianist Jose Carra is one of the most creative pianists of the new generation of Spanish jazz musicians. His music is strongly influenced by classical music and jazz, but also by many other styles such as rock, pop, electronic music or Spanish popular music. Poetry also plays a key role in his compositions, creating a very personal and recognizable universe.
We find this lyrical world in his new album. Taghrid Records releases the Jose Carra Trio’s Diario de vuelo in 2018. The trio which includes drummer Dani Domínguez and bassist Bori Albero, perform twelve Carra originals. The influences of his music are manifold, ranging from jazz to electronic music grooves, using pedals connected to a synthesizer, although the influence of classical music, which makes his music so uniquely outstanding, is prominent. In addition to these projects as a leader, Jose Carra has performed and recorded with musicians of prestige such as Sheila Jordan, Peter Bernstein, Eric Alexander, Chris Cheek, Stanley Jordan, Perico Sambeat and flamenco musicians like Miguel Poveda, Argentina, Jorge Pardo, Javier Colina and Carles Benavent. They recorded “Verso” in 2016. This last work, which has already been presented at festivals and jazz clubs throughout Europe and South America, has had the collaboration of Jaume Llombart on guitar, Bori Albero on bass and Dani Dominguez on drums. A string quartet and the voice of poetess Almudena Vega also feature in some of the songs. They were nominated to the Independent Music Awards as Best Album in 2017. They received the “I Artistic Production” award in 2020. In 2016, he received the Muestra-T Málaga award as a recognition of his career as a musician and promoter of the image of the city of Malaga. In 2016, he was semifinalist of the MIN Awards of Independient Music to The Best Jazz Album “Verso”. In 2017, he received the New Album Award from the Associació de Músics de Jazz i Música Moderna de Catalunya.

“Carra surrenders to melancholic sensibility […], to romantic delight in an evocative narrative that brings the approach to programmatic music, giving off a mixture of aerial emotions and repetitive motifs tha suggest a certain pop hue between them. Poetic recollection”

Ernesto Entrambasaguas (c)
Ernesto Entrambasaguas (c)

w w w . j o s e c a r r a . c o m

Zum achten Mal wird mit einem eigenen Berliner Festival der Reichtum des europäischen Jazz mit seinen unterschiedlichen Wurzeln, Dialekten und neuen Entwicklungen vorgestellt. Neben den wunderbaren Musikern aus viele europäischen Ländern, veranstalten in diesem Jahr europäische Kulturinstitute und Botschaften aus dem EUNIC Berlin Netzwerk mit ihren Partnern das Festival. Jede einzelne Band präsentiert dabei eigene Kompositionen und interpretiert bekannte Stücke aus ihrem jeweiligen Land neu oder in freier Improvisation. Darüber hinaus werden die Künstler ihre musikalische Herkunft aber auch auf neue Art miteinander verbinden, wenn jeden Abend Musiker verschiedener Kulturen direkt aufeinandertreffen.