Camille-Alban Sprengs ODIL

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Camille-Alban Sprengs ODIL
Camille-Alban Spreng (keys), Tom Bourgeois (as,ss), Geoffrey Fiorese (keys), Paul Berne (dr)
…Modern Jazz.

odil_11_17ODIL is a jazz and improvised music quartet based in Brussels. Swiss pianists Camille-Alban Spreng, influenced by bands without bass or double bass, have the idea to build a project around a grand acoustic piano and various synthesizers and electromechanical pianos. « The bass will be played by a small bass synth and we’ll multiply the harmonic possibilities by combining the keyboards » They are joined by Tom Bourgeois, french versatile poly-instrumentist, Geoffrey Fiorese, also pianist and Paul Berne, noticed in the now famous Uptake Quartet from Lyon.