Chencho Fernández

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Chencho Fernández
Vicente Fernández Cortés Guerrero (voc), Pablo Caravaca Montero (e-g), Miguel Diaz Luengo (e-g), Jaime Garcia-Borbolla Carrero (b), Juan Alberto Romero De La Osa Moya (dr)
…Jazz Rock.

ChenchoFernandez_11_17A regular in the indie musical scene of Seville (Spain), Chencho Fernandez is brimming with pure street poetry.  Founder and member of such bands as Sick Buzos and Las Muñecas de Calle Feria), in 2015 Chencho published his debut solo album “Dadá estuvo aquí” (cristallizing more than a decade of evolution of this genuine spanish pop talent) highlighted as album of the year according to the music magazine Mondosonoro (South edition). From his New York Dolls signs up to his confessed passion for Bob Dylan all through  the dusty taste for americana sound, the New York lashing of Lou Reed or the shameless and upsetting chanson of Serge Gainsbourg, Chencho’s world is riddled with references and summons the sounds that display his very own way of understanding music but focusing on his true identity and individuality: spanish lyrics dealing with local imagery filled with bittersweet stories shrouded with a delicious guitar talk that grows tall on stage. A neighborhood and streetwise Johnny Thunders clever enough to raise his songwriting craft up to the level of a nighthawk visionary. During 2017, Chencho Fernandez is announcing the release of his second solo album.

The quality of his songs and high emotional voltage of his live performances have been largely recognized by spanish media (Ruta 66, RNE3, etc…) and supported by AIE (Artistas en Ruta). His songs have been played and listened in legendary venues such as La Riviera and Siroco (Madrid), Rocksound (Barcelona), Kafe Antzokia (Bilbao), La Lata de Bombillas (Zaragoza), which led him to perform as supporting artist for bands as Nada Surf and 091 (Best live tour in Spain 2016).