Das Donnerstagskonzert: EV3-Eran Vertz Trio

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Das Donnerstagskonzert: EV3-Eran Vertz Trio
Eran Vertz (g), Zeev Zilberman (b), Itay Meshorer (perc.)
…Contemporary Israeli Jazz.

About Eran Vertz (musical bio)
I’m an Israeli born guitar player and composer. Mostly self-taught, my training focused mainly on jazz tradition and improvisation. In my playing style I express my perception of jazz harmony and rhythms through the guitar. My sound aims to bring out a natural woody acoustic sound of an archtop guitar.
My compositions explore different rhythms and feels as a platform for a group improvisation. The harmonies I use are a mix between jazz harmony and the Israeli music I grew up listening to.

the Trio
For the past few years my main focus is the trio featuring two great musicians and friends Zeev Zilberman (double bass) and Itai Meshorer (percussion). The slightly untraditional ensemble and compositions push us away from the usual jazz trio concept.
We’ve been performing regularly in the Israeli jazz scene. The music feels fresh and I’m thrilled to share it with the listeners. On 2016 we have released a few original compositions of mine, and are looking forward to record and share more music on spring 2019.

Website- https://www.eranvertz.com/
Facebook artist page – https://www.facebook.com/EranVertz/

YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6eXGXLvx0rlVE7cQzIfWuw
Sound Cloud – https://soundcloud.com/vertzeran