Das Donnerstagskonzert: -fabula-

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Das Donnerstagskonzert: -fabula-
Marithé Van der Aa (voc), Daniel Schwarzwald (p), Jonathan Nagel (b), Andreas Kunert (dr).
…Contemporary Vocal Jazz.

Enigmatic. Electrifying. Emotive. Fabula is a burst of energy and spirit. Their music is storytelling in its purest form, each song creating an entirely different world that sparks the listeners‘ imagination and compels them to explore the hidden depths of their dreams. From the surreal scenery of Wonderland to the vast wilderness of the jungle, this jazz ensemble wanders through time and space and invites you to join their otherworldly travels…
Fabula was founded in Berlin by the Belgian born jazz singer Marithé Van der Aa. Together, they won the Muziekmozaïek Jazz Festival Competition in 2016 and competed as finalists in the B-Jazz International Contest in 2017.