Das Donnerstagskonzert: Jerboah

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Das Donnerstagskonzert: Jerboah
Brechtje van Dijk (voc), Jornt Duyx (g), Marcos Baggiani (dr), Dodo Kis (ewi, voc), Sarah Jeffrey (blockflöte, voc), José Bode (blockflöte, voc)

Not often, one bumps into a group where practically all members have different musical and cultural backgrounds. The Amsterdam-based Jerboah is such a group. Three of these six multiinstrumentalists play recorders (“blokfluit”). This, in combination with vocals, electric guitar, synthesizer and drums, results in wonderful post-pop and art-rock. The vibe is vivacious and the sound is alienating. These are musical explorers.
All members of this unique band compose, about topics that range from sushi to parallel universes, from the fear of the word “vagina” to the end of the world. Inviting and challenging – Jerboah manages to do it at the same time. And not only in the form of music: Jerboah’s seventh member is visual artist Mees Joachim. With his eccentric visual language and in-yourface approach, he is the mastermind behind Jerboah’s intriguing presentation.
Jerboah has performed across the Netherlands, including Cross-Linx Festival, Melkweg Amsterdam and Gaudeamus Muziekweek, and did several collaborations, such as with Nieuw Ensemble in 2017. Jerboah’s first full album will be released early 2018.

Website: http://jerboah.com
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3TY7NHFMmSYXwbIdcIOU4O
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=jerboah
Bandcamp: https://jerboah.bandcamp.com/