das Donnerstagskonzert: Periphery

Antonio Bravo (g,comp.), Daigo Nakai (b), Hannes Dunker (dr)
…Modern Jazz.

Beginn: 21:30 h – Eintritt: frei – Spenden erwünscht!
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Periphery_05_17Periphery is a modern jazz project based on compositions of the spanish guitarist Antonio Bravo, with an interesting mix of stylistic influences ranging from  classic jazz, European free improvisation and folk music from Galicia, in the northeast of Spain. All linked by the thread of improvisation, interaction and search for a language where each of the three musicians state their own voice . Based in Berlin, the trio has a significant presence in the jazz scene of the city.

Antonio Bravo. Guitar
Formed part of the collective “Musica Libre” (association for the diffusion of improvised music) and was co-organizer of the international Madrid festival of improvised music ”HURTA CORDEL” in 2000, 2005 and 2006. He has played in the FOCO orchestra with conductors such as Fred Frith, Peter Kowald, Buch Morris, Walter Thomson,William Parker or Agustí Fernandez .
Over the last few years he has played with groups and soloists from the international scene, such as Maria Joao, Jorge Pardo, Carlos Actis Dato, Greg Moore, Valentin Clastier, Germàn Diaz, Merran Laginestra or Phil Durrant.
Regular collaborator in the groups of double bass player Baldo Martinez, with whom he has recorded 7 records . The record “Proyecto Minho” was selected as the best spanish jazz record of 2008. In the same year, the album “Músicas Populares de la Guerra Civil” with the dúo “Brigada Bravo&Díaz” was selected as second best jazz record of 2008 and included in the top ten and best international record for the magazine “Jazz Tokyo”.
He has played in numerous jazz and improvised music  festivals, the most interesting being:
Festival de Jazz de San Sebastiàn, Getxo, Ibiza, Madrid, Mexico City, Munich, Cologne , Rio de Janeiro, Viena, Oslo, Belgrado, Manchester, Berlín, Luxemburg, etc.
Currently he lives in Berlin where he usually plays with bands such as “Periphery” , Ben Lehmann- Antonio Bravo, Laginestra project, Dos Plus and William-Bravo duo, among others.

Daigo Nakai. Double bass
Daigo Nakai is an improvising musician/bass player, has recently moved to Berlin from Melbourne in Australia.
He has been invited to perform in Festivals and concerts across Australia, Japan and Europe as well as independently curated events in Melbourne.
Daigo has performed as a session musician appearing in many ensembles including Melbourne based group Captain Apples and Miss Colombia, as well as Ade Ishs Trio – of which Daigo has been a member for 4 years.

Hannes Dunker . Drums
HannesDunker was born in Braunschweig (Germany) 1984. He studied Cultural Sciences in Hildesheim and graduated 2004.
Afterwards he studied jazz drums in Hannover (Germany) and Groningen (the Netherlands).
Musically he is based in jazz, latin and world music.
He worked with the Youth Jazz Orchestra Brandenburg (under the direction of Jiggs Whigham) and played concerts with Alex Sipiagin, Nené Vásquez, Prof. Jonas Schoen, Lutz Krajenski, Stephan Abel and many more all over Europe (for example Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey)
With his world music band “Evelyn Kryger” he won the “Creole World Music Competition” in Lower Saxony (Germany) in 2011.
Also he is writing his own music and is arranging for larger Ensembles and Big Band.




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