Duo Busch – Van Kemenade

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Stevko Busch (p) – Paul van Kemenade (as)

With this duo, Paul van Kemenade and Stevko Busch have developed their own sound language over the years – serene, quiet, full of soul, with tender silences, contemplation, the occasional primal outburst, always followed by reconciliation.

This language of sound has been highly praised nationally – and especially internationally. Tours in China, Russia, Scandinavia, North and South Africa and Europe have not only reached a large festival audience. Music journalists and jazz historians have also pondered this duo’s special way of playing.

“Today’s duo recordings are stiff with the most pertinent details. Spawned by an immeasurable intuition of two musicians, which is far beyond the majority of other duo CDs. …utterly organic, the craftsmanship and connection of both musicians yields gentle, sometimes breath-taking improvisations.”jazznu.nl

BIM-huis (230911) – Paul van Kemenade in diverse bezettingen
BIM-huis (230911) – Paul van Kemenade in diverse bezettingen

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