Sara Serpa & André Matos

Sara Serpa (voc), André Matos (g)

©José Sarmento Matos. André Matos e Sara Serpa. July 2015.

©José Sarmento Matos. André Matos e Sara Serpa. July 2015.

The combination of the voice and guitar of Sara Serpa and André Matos is magic, dazzling and calm. The Portuguese native and New York based artists work together since 2005. They achieved to create a unique sonic world, drawing upon pure and contemplative sounds through a personal approach to melody and poetry. Their musical identity reveals both their Portuguese culture as well as a certain allure inspired by the creative artistic environment of New York. Serpa and Matos have been performing their music in countries like Portugal, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and of course, the United States.

“They make a huge leap with their remarkable second album All the Dreams (…) The melodies are stunning in their frosty eloquence—this is music both hauntingly familiar and completely otherworldly”
–  Chicago Reader

“There may be no combination better capable of painting and promoting  aural iridescence than that of vocalist Sara Serpa and guitarist André Matos. (…) Their music is art at the point where minimalism and cangiante merge, resulting in an otherworldly sound that’s utterly enthralling and completely unique.”
– All About Jazz

“The chemistry and team work are close to perfect (…) Matos’ delicate, lyrical electric guitar, intricate and hypnotic is the perfect foil for Serpa’s mostly wordless vocals, which are cool, calm and precise.”
– Downbeat Magazine

“It’s like nothing else out there.”
– The Classical Arts

“Serpa and Matos are sophisticated musicians, concocting a genre all their own, one that borrows from many – jazz, pop, Brazil and elsewhere – but is beholden to none”
– Irish Times

“There is strength in simplicity (…) All The Dreams is „music“ in its purest form.”
– Jazzarium

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