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Florian Müller (g), Thibault Falk (p), Rodolfo Paccapelo (b),
Uli Jenneßen (dr)

In Berlin we meanwhile have  a large group of Jazz players, working together in different and always changing settings. Many bands have different personal over the years due to the psycological circumstances, that life brings along. Our music has been originally composed for acoustic playing Jazz bands, working in small clubs at moderate loudness. But we found out, that they did also sound great being arranged for a loud electric Jazz/Rock Band. Not to say: even better, more round and fat. Already when playing with Rudi Mahall-bcl in DIE ENTTÄUSCHUNG or MONK‘SCASINO (Intakt Records) our playing was developing highly energetic with more „crying“ in it, demanding for more physical power. Likewise with LAX (Konnex Records, Two Ninteen Records): when John Schröder entered the band with his electric guitar, all bonds were broken, and we ran into sort of a power playing. Florian Müller is a talented guitar player, who at his young age is already docentat JIB ( Jazz Institut Berlin). That is a great and difficult job to get and surely the start for more. Thibault Falk is a running lexicon. This man knows every jazz standard and can be heard playing them in many bands, with a nice feeling. Rodolfo Paccapelo is one of the most demanded bass players in Berlin. He usually plas upright bass and is known for his fine solos. When we first met in this group, I had the inner urge to built a Jazz/Rock Band, playing much more powerfull and loud, then was usual for us. I bought the big old Gretsch drumset from the Yorckschlösschen Jazz Club, Florian started to experience with different guitars and effects, Thibaullt brought his glorious Fender Rhodes e-piano, which he did not play for years, and Rodolfo picked up his great vintage Fender Jazz bass. The sound was beautiful from the beginning. We started  to rearrange our songs for this electric instrumentaion. There was a fresh power wind blowing through us. It was clear: we switched over to Jazz/Rock and Fusion music. For me on the drums it was liberation and self realisation. I always wanted to do that, but I felt too weak physically. Not anymore. That was the kind of drumming I loved, when I grew up in Möchengladbach and learned to know the music of Allan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford and Tony Williams. Here I saw British rock bands coming over the sleeve channel, destroying their guitars after the show. Of course, our music has a touch of the 70s in it. After a few month of rehearsal I booked 2 days in Zentrifuge studio of Tito Kanpp. This CD „In the main“ is the result. We are  now already working on a new program, and a second CD is expected to come out in 2023.                                                                              
Uli Jenneßen, August 2022.