Juan Pablo Navarro Sexteto

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Juan Pablo Navarro Sexteto
Nicolás Enrich (bandoneón), Bruno Cavallaro (vn), Sebastián Tozzolla (bcl,cl), Esteban Falabella (e-g), Emiliano Greco (p), Juan Pablo Navarro (b,comp.) & Special Guests: Enrique Thompson (ts), Leo Gerstner (dr)

The bass player and composer Juan Pablo Navarro presents his new powerful and intimate project, where postcards of a New Sound of Buenos Aires are blended. The ensemble is immersed in music with strong roots in Tango, as well as influences of jazz and contemporary music. The Sexteto has
performed in the main concert halls of Argentina, highlighting his performance with the Argentine Music Orchestra: Juan de Dios Filiberto at the National Theater Cervantes and also their played at
International Tango Festival of Buenos Aires at Usina del Arte. They were commissioned to present a Cobián Project , an original versions from Juan Carlos Cobián work, a very renowned composer of
the Tango golden age, at La Usina del arte in may 2018. Nowadays they are releasing their first album:”Tangos de la Posverdad”, edited by El Club del Disco.

J.P.N. is considered by peers and by critics as one of the most important artists playing double bass in argentinian popular music. He was born in Avellaneda, Buenos Aires, in 1971. He got the Double-bass and Music Education Teacher degree at the „Conservatorio Provincial de Música Luis Gianneo”. Later he studied double bass with Sergio Gugliota, Ricardo Planas, Oscar Carnero and Anthony Bianco; music structure with Fermina Casanova and Marcelo Perticone; and music composition with Diego
Schissi. In the year 2000, he got the scholarship of the Antorchas Fundation, which allowed him to study at the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, USA. There, he performed as a principal bass at the Carnegie Mellon Philharmonic Orchestra, until april 2001. With this orchestra he performed at the Carnegie Hall. He also founded Tangocontempo (asociation to promote new Tango Music) J.P Navarro has recorded and performed with very prestigious tango, folk, jazz and classical artists such as: Joe Lovano, Richard Galliano, Mtro Horacio Salgán, Leopoldo Federico, Néstor Marconi, Diego Schissi qto., Chango Spasiuk, Ubaldo DeLio, Quinteto Real, etc.
At 2011 he made a successfully presentation at The International Society of Bassists Convention, at San Francisco State University, San Francisco, California, the United States, he was sharing the stage with a gifted pianist Octavio Brunetti.
At 2013 On May He premiered Fantasia ontraPiazzollissimo, Music from Astor Piazzolla, arranged By JPN for Solo Bass and String Orchestra with Orquesta Sinfonica de Mar Del Plata,conducted By Mtro Emir. He toured in China with Richard Galliano quintet on November 2017.

As a leader he has edited Three albums:
Tangos de la posverdad (Club del disco)


Pa El Agus y El Uli(Tango-Jazz)(SunnysideRecords)