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Jesse Braverman (g,voc), Hauke Renken (vib), Jesus Vega (dr)
…Experimental Folk.

Limland is a Canadian experimental folk band based in Berlin. It is led by singer-songwriter and composer Jesse Braverman.
One summer, while hitchhiking to New York City from Montreal, Braverman caught a ride with a stranger across the border. This encounter turned out to be a rabbit hole of sorts, eventually leading him to move to Europe. Once in Berlin, Braverman began recording some new and old songs in a coal-heated apartment using Pro Tools. Meanwhile, he busked on the street and played in several bands to support himself.
„Open, Treasure Ellery“ is the debut studio album by Limland. Produced and recorded by Braverman, it features him singing lead, harmony and background vocals and playing about 20 instruments. Its self-release is slated for 2018.
Limland’s music has drawn early comparisons to the Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel. Defined by modern folk textures and a haunting character, singer and guitarist Jesse Braverman will be joined at Schlot on stage by the vibraphonist Hauke Renken and the drummer Jesus Vega.