Mo 06.04. – 21:00 – ABGESAGT! CANCELED!

Ivana Vukmirovic (voc, g), Bernhard Ludescher (keyb),
Felix Barth (b, backing voc), Greg Smith (dr)
Neo Soul, Funk

Ivana Vukmirovic – Manivi is a singer/ songwriter and multi instrumentalist from Belgrade, currently based in Berlin. A pseudonym Manivi is rooted in ancient Sanscrit word ’’mani’’ which stands for the greatest tresure one can have in terms of non-material wealth.
Her songs are deeply rooted in Soul and Jazz music heritage; the lyrics reflect a strong inner voice of a young woman discovering her femininity. Her voice is powerful but also warm and soothing, a unique combination of Balkan roots and soulful influences.
Growing up in Croatia, facing war and leaving her home as a refugee, she faced many difficulties from helping her parents and support herself since the age of 14, to saying goodbyes to many friends who have left in a search for a brighter future. She discovered very early that songwriting is her way to look at the situation from an outside point, to accept it and to overcome.
Her music is a mirror of self-growth, an honest talk about trust, intimacy, love, fears and struggles, supported but powerful groove that makes you move your body while listening to the story.
After graduating from Faculty of Music in Belgrade, she moved to Berlin in July 2019. Since then she is participating in different music projects combing jazz, soul, electronic and Balkan music.
Manivi’s Berlin based band is an assembly of talented and high skilled musicians with different backgrounds and influences, who perfectly compliment each other while performing and telling the story together:
– Felix Barth – bass, backing vocals (DE)
A young bass player from Goettingen, Germany, who feels at home in many musical genres. Studying jazz music at the Conservatory of Amsterdam, he quickly established himself both in the Dutch pop- and jazz scene. His interest in diversity reflects in the projects he is and was involved with, such as the Dutch Reggae band ‚The Upsessions‘, jazz singer Natalia Mateo or his own Psychedelic Rock project, Supertrawler. Since 2018, after graduating with a master degree from the conservatory, Felix is living and working in Berlin.
– Greg Smith- drums (CA)
Drummer/percussionist Greg Smith from Montreal, Canada rose to prominence in the 1990s as a member of the Shuffle Demons, a Canadian jazz-funk-experimental group that frequently toured Europe and performed at many major jazz festivals such Moers, Montreux, and North Sea. Smith moved to the Netherlands in the late 90s and combined a career of playing, composing, and producing, having worked with Sandra St Victor & The Family Stand (NYC), Kori Withers (daughter of Bill Withers), LAMA + Chris Speed (Lisbon, NYC), and most recently completed his solo instrumental project, produced by David Binney and featuring Los Angeles and Berlin musicians. Smith plays many varieties of music, from jazz to world music, hip-hop, and even classical orchestras, and has performed in Berlin with his own group as well as Vanja Kevresan’s Triptones, and most recently Ivana Vukmirovic’s Manivi.
Bernhard Ludescher – keys (AT)
Bernhard Ludescher studied Jazz Piano in Graz, Austria. In this period he was working with a lot of different teachers and workshops, such as Richie Beirach, Fred Hersh, Wolfgang Muthspiel, Juan Garcia Herreros, Peter Horvath, Taylor Eigsti, Adam Holzman. In the following time Bernhard played and established a lot of different projects in Austria with the main project being Loktor and also started to work as a producer for various artists such as Maria Rerych (aka Mareea) which resulted in the CD release of her debut album„Out of the Shadows“ in 2018. Bernhard’s band Loktor was founded in 2013 and released their debut CD „Loktor of Heaven“ in 2015, plus a series of videos which lead to concerts all over Europe. Loktor won the Joe Zawinul Award soon after the initiation in 2014. While continuing to work as a live pianist and keyboarder for various jazz and funk based projects he founded the electronic Project „DX-Digital“ in 2018 to continue pursuing a more electronic approach to music. After living in Vienna and Graz, Bernhard moved to Berlin in 2016, where he quickly established to be a well-sought pianist/keyboardist in various jazz/funk and pop projects.
First album, named simply Manivi was published in November 2016. for Lampshade media publishing label and it can be found on digital media such as Spotify, Deezer, iTunes and Bandcamp. Second album is in the making.