Maria Baptist Orchestra

Piano, Composition, Conducting: Maria Baptist

…Moderner Big Band Jazz.


MBO_04_17„Maria Baptist is in a league with the key figures of modern Big Band Jazz such as Schneider, Gruntz, McNeely and Bley.“ – ALL ABOUT JAZZ

In her 25-year career, Maria Baptist has developed a stand-alone sound. The Berlin-New York based composer-pianist inspires her listeners over the world with her positive energy. Maria Baptist’s energetic stage presence and fascinating personality have pushed her into the forefront of the current jazz scene. She has conducted world famous orchestras such as the NDR-Big Band, hr-Big Band, RIAS Big Band, to name a few and was nominated for the  highly acclaimed award „ECHO Jazz“ with her collaboration with the BuJazzO.

The 16-member international ensemble creates an unique style, that demonstrates how permeable the line between jazz and classical music can be, what an instrument of both strength and fragility a jazz orchestra can be.

Inspired by philosophy, painting, and natural phenomena, their first recording ‘Here & Now’ reflects a positive and inspiring spirit. This album is nominated for the German top ranking award „Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik“.

Rhythm: Piano-Maria Baptist, Bass-Niklas Lukassen, Drums-Stephan Genze

Reeds: David Beecroft, Nico Lohmann, Max Hacker, Patrick Hamacher, Nik Leistle

Trombones: Jörg Bücheler, Nils Marquardt, Musashi Baba, Christopher Sauloff

Trumpets: Greg Bowen, Philip Sindy, Ruben Giannotti, Eddie Hayes

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