Montagsjazz: Eyal Lovett Trio

Eyal Lovett (p), Mathias Jensen (b), Aidan Lowe (dr) & Guest: Tal Arditi (g)

Beginn: 21:30 h – Eintritt: frei – Spenden erwünscht!
Leider keine Reservierung möglich.
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EyalLovett_05_17Israeli born pianist-composer Eyal Lovett creates a wide range of music. Although classically trained, he is deeply immersed in the jazz tradition, as well as in the diverse music located in Israel and the Middle East.

Eyal studied in New York with such renowned musicians as Sam Yahel, George Cables, Hal Galper and Ari Hoening. In Israel he studied classical music with Sarah Tal and Rachel Feinstein and jazz with Amit Golan, Ofer Ganor, Omri Mor, Yuval Cohen and Alon Yavnai. Eyal is an award winning alumni of the first class of the prestigious joint program of The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music and The Israeli Conservatory. He continued his education at the New School in New York, where he was awarded scholarships for outstanding performance.

Eyal has toured with his trio in Denmark, Berlin, Poland and Israel, playing in different venues, including the renowned Aarhaus International Jazz Festival. He is touring Europe frequently as a member of the Kenneth Dahl Knudsen group, the SLDK project with Tamara Soldan and the Jens Fisker Nielsen Quartet. He also performed with the Martin Seiler quartet at the Bern International Jazz Festival.

Eyal had played and shared the bandstand with musicians such as Peter Bernstein, Gilad Hekselman, Michal Cohen, Noam David, Yuval Cohen, Anat Cohen, Kenneth Dahl Knudsen, Noam Israeli, Maxence Sibille, Ramiro olaciregui, Malte Schiller, Daniel Dor, Jeremy Breuere, and many others.

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