Montagsjazz: Olga Amelchenko Large Ensemble

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Montagsjazz: Olga Amelchenko Large Ensemble
Natalie Greffel (voc), Julia Hülsmann (p), Olga Amelchenko (as), Dima Bondarev (tp), Musina Ebobisse (ts), Jan Landowski (tb), Igor Osypov (g), Igor Spallati (b), Jesus Vega (dr)
…Contemporary Jazz.

Olga Amelchenko was born in 1988 in Russia. She started singing in choir at the age of 5, and playing piano and Dombra two years later.
Between 2003 and 2006, she studied at the College of music in Abakan. After a year spent studying choir conducting, she switched to saxophone.
In 2006, Olga moved to Novosibirsk, where she studied jazz at the College of music. After graduating in 2010, she took classical saxophone lesson to expand her knowledge of the instrument.
In 2012, she moved to Cologne (Germany) where she studied for two years at the « Hochschule for Musik und Tanz » with Wolfgang Engstfeld.
Olga Amelchenko is now studying at the Jazz Institut Berlin since 2014, attending lessons with teachers such as Peter Weniger, Greg Cohen, and John Hollenbeck. Gathering experiences from her studies, as well as from her concerts and tours all over europe, Olga Amelchenko is now involved in berlin’s dynamic jazz scene, where she combines musical collaborations and her personal projects.