Das Donnerstagskonzert: Marie Mifsud Quintet „LÀ“

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Das Donnerstagskonzert: Marie Mifsud Quintet „LÀ“
Marie Mifsud (voc), Quentin Coppalle (fl), Tom Georgel (p), Victor Aubert (b), Adrien Leconte (dr,comp.)
…Jazz and Pop Songs.

Marie Mifsud dives with us in an energetic and poetic universe. Where jazz standards and original compositions meet and dialogue together.
Following intense piano and opera singing studies, Marie Mifsud, after being initiated in vocal jazz by Sara Lazarus, built a quintet with the drummer and composer Adrien Leconte (Award of Best Soloist / European jazz contest – Rome). With Tom Georgel (piano), Quentin Coppalle (flute) and Victor Aubert (doublebass and electric bass), they won together the Audience Award at the Crest Jazz Vocal Festival 2016, later in 2017 have been Winner of the Paris Jazz Musicians Union Contest and received the 2nd Price « Best Group » aux Trophées du Sunside (Paris).

«Véritable Objet Vocal Non Identifié, Marie Mifsud a littéralement scotché le public (…) une palette sonore extraordinairement riche. Un tempérament!»
Les Dernières Nouvelles du Jazz, Jean-Louis Lemarchand – Paris

«The Mifsud Quintet has made their place as one of the most memorable concerts of the festival history.»
Official report 24th Izmir European Jazz Festival – Turquie