Shekband – Kiew Ukraine

So 01.05. – Beginn: 20:00 Uhr – Eintritt: 10/5 €


Anna Shekera (p,voc), Artem Shekera (b,voc), Maksym Shekera (dr)

The extraordinary album of Shekband features young Ukrainian musicians and it is poignant for various reasons. There is precocious musicianship, hope, beauty and joy throughout. ShekBand made their appearance a number of years ago and it may surprise people to learn their ages. The pianist Annais is 14, the bass player Artemis is 16 and the drummer Maksymis is 12 years old.
The band came into being during a 2015 summer jazz festival in Bulgaria. That was when Maksym, then 5 years old, decided to join his siblings on stage. A desire to dig deeper into improvised music propelled them onwards from there. By 2019 they were ready for wider exposure and they performed at Eastern European festivals in Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Slovenia and Germany. This summer they will perform in Germany and Ireland. They may be a young band but they radiate authenticity.
Their arc of development is primarily due to their devoted jazz-loving parents, who supported them in every way possible. Their wisest decision, connecting them with a notable jazz educator from the Kyiv Conservatory of Music #4 and so the album serves as a tribute to the institution and to the teaching methods of Professor Oleksii Proshchenkov. In summary, it symbolises the vitality of Ukrainian jazz education.