Special Berlinale „Atomic Bass“ YOMIGAERU (TO LIVE AGAIN) feat.: Bassi/Kempendorff/Jahnel/Marcelli

Do 17.02. – Beginn: 21:00 Uhr – Eintritt: 10 €

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Uli Kempendorff (sax), Benedikt Jahnel (p), Giuseppe Bassi (b),
Andrea Marcelli (dr)
Contemporary, Creative Jazz

Atomic Bass  is also the music born for the documentary – film entitled YOMIGAERU (TO LIVE AGAIN) Invited at the 2022 Berlinale!!
A double bass as a musical reactor that acts as a barrier to the bad radioactivity of the nuclear reactors that went into meltdown in Fukushima. This is the suggestion from which Atomic Bass is inspired, the album by Giuseppe Bassi which brings together extraordinary musicians to play a great story: The story of the natural disaster in Fukushima and the subsequent rebirth.
The concert explores a territory that has been emptied by the disaster, repopulating it with notes and sensations, giving voice to those ghosts carried away by the black wave of the tsunami and eager today to continue
communicating with the world of the living through shamanic music.
There is candor, depth, but also joy – the joy of life that re-emerges from the catastrophe – in the sound of the instruments and voices that alternate in a work that is made up of lived experience even before musical elaboration.

Giuseppe Bassi
is an Italian bass player and composer whose career began in 1990. He has experimented with nearly every genre of music.
Bassi has performed at venues all over the globe, and has played alongside some of the most talented jazz musicians including: Lew Tabackin, Bill Mays, Don Friedman, Bobby Durham, John Hicks, Joe Magnarelli, Helen Sung, Mark Soskin, Bill Goodwin, Billy Drummond, Greg Osby, Mal Waldron, David Liebman, George Garzone, Tony Scott, Harold Danko.
In Italy, he has collaborated with artists from Bollani to Pieranunzi, from Rava to Bosso, Gege ‘Telesforo and many others.

Uli Kempendorff
was born in Berlin in 1981. Jazz Saxophone and Improvisation studies at „Hanns Eisler“ Conservatory in Berlin and at City College, NYC. His work is documented on over two dozen CDs and LPs and radio broadcasts, on labels like WhyPlayJazz, ECM, Enja/Yellowbird, Philophon, jazzwerkstatt or Four Music. Among those are five of his own productions with his groups „Field“ and „Yellow Bird“. Aside from his own projects such as „Field“ he has been active in groups with Ulrich Gumpert, Benjamin Weidekamp, Felix Henkelhausen, Wanja Slavin, Rudi Mahall, Markus Pesonen, Pablo Held, Julia Hülsmann, Tobias Delius, Mike Pride, Christian Weber; he has toured and played with SEEED, Rolf Kühn, Jimi Tenor and ‚Little‘ Jimmy Scott. In 2010, he started the concert series „Serious Series“ which he programmed until 2014. In 2016, he programmed the concert series „In Between Festivals“ in Wroclaw (PL), as part of the city’s European Capital of Culture tenure. This was done in collaboration with Marc Schmolling, Stiftung Zukunft Berlin and MicaMoca. Until 2018 he also co-programmed the series „JAB 105“ at Berlin’s club A-Trane with Gebhard Ullmann. Concerts and teaching brought him to the Ivory Coast, Canada, the US, South America, Mexico and to many countries in Europe. Kempendorff received several grants from the city of Berlin, was a DAAD-scholar from 2006-2007 in NYC and spent a month at the Stadtmühle Willisau in Switzerland as a grantee of the Alfred-Köchlin-Foundation. In addition, he was a founding member and head of the IG Jazz Berlin, a kind of union lobbying for better funding for the arts in Berlin. In this function, Kempendorff also spent time as a spokesman for music in the Coalition of Berlin’s Independent Scene and was active in cultural politics on the state and federal level from 2012-2016.

Benedikt Jahnel – piano. ECM recording artist. „Er gehört zu den vielseitigsten Pianisten der aktuellen deutschen Jazzszene. Bekannt wurde er einem breiteren Publikum als Pianist der Band Cyminology um die Vokalistin Cymin Samawathie. Doch daneben hat Benedikt Jahnel an seiner eigenen Musik gefeilt. Erfahrungen aus Cyminology oder dem Quartett Max.bab helfen dem Diplom-Mathematiker beim „Ausbalancieren der Elemente“. Es geht um die Balance zwischen komponierten und improvisierten Teilen, zwischen den Rollen im Trio-Spiel mit Bass und Schlagzeug.“ – WDR, Bernd Hoffmann, Februar 2013
“Jahnel is undoubtedly an advanced investigator of provocative rhythmic number-games.” – JF, The Guardian, Januar 2013
“Kristallklare Transparenz. Komplexe Rhythmen mit filigranen Strukturen, liedhafte Melodien …” – Uli Lemke, Jazzthing, November 2012
“Gegensätze, überraschende Wendungen und die Lust am Experiment. Jahnel zeigt ein Faible für starke Stimmungen, für erzählende Musiker der es gelingt, Gefühle und Bilder bei den Zuhörern zu erzeugen.” – Heribert Riesenhuber, Münchner Merkur, Oktober 2012

Drummer/Composer/Clarinetist Andrea Marcelli was born in Rome.  In 1986 he obtained a Diploma in Classical Clarinet (7 years) and also in „Jazz arrangement and composition“ at the Conservatory  L. Refice. He lived in Los Angeles from ’89 to ’97 and then in New York until 2001.
Marcelli received a green card as „First preference alien of extraordinary abilities in the field of Jazz“ and was very active in the local Jazz scenes where he goes back from time to time. Andrea.resides since 2001 in Berlin, is married and has 3 sons, he is extremely active in the local and international Jazz scene, he also organized an Italian Jazz Festival and a European EUNIC Jazz Festival mainly at the Kunstfabrik Schlot in Berlin.
Over 200 of his compositions have been recorded and two of them are included in „The European Real Book“ and „The Digital Real Book part two“.
He has successfully performed extensively on 5 continents, recorded many albums and has two releases as a leader on Verve/PolyGram and
collaborated with musicians such as Wayne Shorter, David Liebman, Bob Mintzer, Allan Holdsworth, Markus Stockhausen, Eddie Gomez,
Mike Stern, Don Menza, Ekkehard Wölk, Eberhard Weber, Palle Danielsson, Frank Gambale and others.
His new album „The Invisible Child“ was released in 2018.
– Wayne Shorter wrote: „Andrea Marcelli’s music is as vibrant and
thought-provoking as today’s events. Andrea is such a chameleon.
When I first heard his music, it struck me that he played drums,
clarinet, percussion, keyboards and composed in a variety of styles
that defied classification, moreover, his display of sensitivity and creative approach to the work produced.“