So 11.11. – 21:00 h – Eintritt: € 13 / 10
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Kristjan Rudanovski (vn), Jaanis Kill (g), Robert Nõmmann (b)
…Gypsy Jazz.

This masterful and refined, emotional and spirited collective will stick to your mind after a single encounter. Titoks consists of three friends, who are young, yet already quite established musicians, having achieved an ideal harmony in thought and sound due to having played together for years.
The trio will perform Django Reinhardt’s best songs, Raimond Valgre’s unforgettable melodies and the most beautiful compositions from the world of classical music – all in the key of gypsy-jazz. Titoks’s improvisational dialogue and virtuoso playing give rise to emotions that are difficult to forget. Their interpretations aim to bring freshness and diversity to soundscape of acoustic jazz.

“A usual gig as a background band gave birth to a group that had never been seen before. Titoks – the first gypsy-jazz trio in Estonia. We played our first concert as Titoks at IDeeJazz 2016. Since then, we have been dreaming that Estonia would become known as a place where gypsy-jazz is played as passionately as in Finland or the Netherlands, for example. Our role models are Raimond Valgre, Bireli Lagrene and, of course, the legendary Django Reinhardt and Stephanie Grappelli.” – Titoks

“Titoks ended JazzIncubator 2017 with an audience crying for more after a set of stunning and perfectly executed reworks, classics and originals interspersed with charming quips. Their coherency and chemistry as a trio draws the listener in, and their technical proficiency makes even the most intricate passages feel relaxing. A memorable concert for both experienced jazz fans and newcomers.” – Sebastian Aker, Booking, JazzIncubator 2017