Trio Portugal/Van’t Hof/Van Kemenade

Sa 20.08. – Beginn: 22:00 Uhr – Eintritt: 20/15 €

Der Eintrittspreis gilt für beide Konzerte. Ein Konzert kostet € 15 / 10 .


Paul van Kemenade (as/comp), Jasper Van’t Hof (p/elec/synth/comp),
Mariá Portugal (dr)

This great trio has been working together since 2017. Brazilian drummer Portugal (1984) and Dutch alto saxophonist Van Kemenade (1957) met each other for the very first time on stage in Italy at the Roccella Jonica Jazzfestival 2016 where they performed in duo a completely improvised concert.

It was an overwhelming experience and Van Kemenade asked Portugal over to the Netherlands to record a cd in duo and also in trio with Dutch pianist-keyboard-player Jasper van ’t Hof (1947). Playing in this duo-trio setting felt very exciting and challen-ging and a great new trio is born. Together they recorded the cd ‘Daytime Sketches’ which will be released coming may 2017. All three musicians got lots of credits worldwide, toured all over the world and won numerous awards.

portret op lokatie: Paul van Kemenade – Jasper van ’t Hof – Mariá Portugal

Drummer and percussionist Mariá Portugal is known from her works with a.o. Quartabê, Arrigo Barnabé, Dona Zica and Fernanda Takai.

Pianist-keyboardist-pc sampler Van ’t Hof performed with a.o Toto Blanke, George Gruntz, Archie Shepp, Charlie Mariano, Bob Malach, Manfred Schoof, Philip Catherine. He is founder of the very well-known group Pili Pili and received the Bird Award in 1997.

Altoist Van Kemenade is known for his collaborations with diverse musical disciplines and cultures ( South-West Africa). He played with Ray Anderson, David Murray, Han Bennink Markus Stockhausen, the Metropole Orchestra, Jorge Pardo, Jamaaladeen Tacuma and many others. Recieved  in 1999 a lifetime achievement award ( Boy Edgar Prijs ) and a Royal decoration (2007) in the Netherlands.

portret op lokatie: Paul van Kemenade – Jasper van ’t Hof – Mariá Portugal